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Rates and Insurance

Providing psychotherapy services is what I do for a living. The fee for individual psychotherapy is $125.00 per session. Sessions usually run 50 minutes. If you are unable to meet the expense of treatment under the standard fee schedule, please discuss your circumstances with me. Under certain circumstances I will slide my scale.

At present I am a participating provider for Carefirst Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Maryland PPO, EPO and HMO. I also accept State of Maryland Medicaid clients. I am in the process of applying to be a participating provider for other private insurance companies serving Maryland residents. I will bill as an out of network provider for other insurance carriers. If you will be submitting insurance claims please let me know in advance and I will provide you with an invoice for services. Payment in full by personal check, cash or credit card is due at time of service unless previously arranged.

Currently, I do not accept Medicare or Tricare. This may change in the future. Until that time, I may discount my services for treatment of prior and present military and Federal Government employees. Please call my office for further information.

Sometimes there is an advantage to paying for services and not submitting insurance claims. Then your privacy remains in my office, no records of treatment are passed on to insurance companies and case managers at insurance companies cannot dictate what they consider to be the best duration and type of treatment that you should receive. You are then free to pursue treatment as you perceive to be in your best interests.

Because my bank charges me a fee for returned checks, I too must pass that expense on to you in the event your check is returned. I will charge a minimum of a $25.00 fee, or greater if the bank fee is greater than that amount, for returned checks. If you are having cash flow problems, it is best to discuss your situation with me ahead of time so arrangements can be made.